Tiny Bug After Installation

  • I've searched the forum and found one very old post related to this but it seems it was rejected, and the moderator didn't really seem to understand what the OP was saying. After you perform an installation from a CD; the system prompts you to remove the CD and reboot, however the drive will not eject. It seem the OS has the drive locked…. In my case, I do not normally leave a CD-ROM connected to my pfSense machine, so I have to reboot, eject the CD, shutdown, remove the CD-ROM and boot. This seems overly complicated, couldn't we just give the user the option to reboot or shutdown, and unlock the CD-ROM as soon as the installation is complete. This would allow users like me to eject the CD as the system states, shutdown, disconnect, and boot. I realize that with SATA (what I'm using), big problems aren't going to pop up if the CD-ROM is disconnected while the system is initially shutting down, but there are still users with IDE, this could be fatal...

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    IIRC this varies from system to system. I don't think pfSense explicitly locks the drive any any point in the install, I certainly don't see it anywhere in the installer code. The BIOS and/or OS itself may lock the drive when booting from CD, so it may or may not honor a request to eject.

    FreeBSD tends to do Very Bad Things™ when a mounted filesystem is removed out from under the OS. It's possible that ejecting the CD before the OS is completely shut down would cause a system panic, because that's what the OS was booted from at the time.

    So there may not be anything we can actually do about that. Most people don't have a problem with simply ejecting the disc during the reboot.

    Given that most things are moving away from optical media, preferring USB memsticks, I'm not sure how much attention this is worth.

  • Well, thanks for at least looking into it… :)

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