Host name registration with Unbound

  • On pfSense 2.0.1 64-bit with Unbound DNS (built-in forwarder disabled)

    For some reason, although I have DHCP registration disabled, the host names of machines are showing up on Unbound's DNS records. Built-in DNS forwarder is disabled, and the DHCP scopes also have dynamic DNS turned off (I have 4 VLANs with their own unique DHCP set ups).

    Are there any other settings I should check to turn off the host name registration for good? I currently have DNSSEC turned on, private address support enabled, cache restoration support enabled in Unbound.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, two VLANs in particular have static IPs set by DHCP. Could this be why they are getting registered anyways? Can I stop this behavior somehow?

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