• Does 2.1 support HP GEN8 servers well?

  • Check the Compatibility list for FreeBSD 8.3 I'd say

  • Most likely it is too late for an answer to the original poster…for you guys stumbling over the Google hit like me, here is the answer:


    (That's it…Ok, a bit more information)

    Our HP Gen8 Servers bought in November 2012 were not compatible. The Smart Array P420i controller would not become a friend of pfSense/FreeBSD. Not even an error message, just an uncommunicative ingnore.

    Great that the Gen8 have 4 network plugs, no longer messing around with internal cards. We know this from the "7" HP series as well. A new feature is that all 4 are not recognized.

    After reading this comment


    written by a guy most people in this forum know, I decided to throw the rule "never virtualize a firewall" over board and just did it. Now running perfectly on a HP Gen8 since a month....


  • Two more hints for the lazy googlers:

    1. Configuring network Interfaces in vSphere Client

    See http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/PfSense_2_on_VMware_ESXi_5

    1. VMware Tools Installation

    Install the package "Open-VM-Tools-8.8.1". Instantly worked under VMware ESXi 5.1

  • Hi Christian
    Interesting, looking at 8.3-RELEASE source, a commit in February 2012 MFC'ed new Smart Array Gen8 support into 8.3:

    Date:   Sun Feb 5 19:10:48 2012 +0000
        MFC r230313, r230316, r230323, r230588
        Support new raid controllers

    Interestingly sys/dev/ciss.c contains the PCI ID for this controller (added in this exact commit):

    ciss_vendor_data[] = {
        { 0x103C, 0x3354, CISS_BOARD_SA5,   "HP Smart Array P420i" },

    Depending on the modular network cards these servers have, the problem may be the Broadcom NIC yet.
    I guess you'll stay on ESX for now, but would you be willing to boot some vanilla FreeBSD 8.3 and 9.1 to see if
    Smart Array and (likely) NICs behave differently and what exact models they are?
    (pciconf -lvb and some grep might be of help)

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