Access to remote site (site-site VPN) with VPN client

  • All, I have been using 2.0.1 at main site UK and linksys RVS4000 on branch office in USA. there is site-to-site VPN implemented between both. I use shrew soft client to connect to the UK site. Is there way to browse USA network once i am connected to UK main site through Shrew client. i can browse it from LAN without any issues. what are settings i should be looking at? Thanks in advance.

  • if both UK and USA subnets are within the same supernet: increasing the Phase 2 Local Network setting to encompass both networks (and the corresponding "Remote" change on the client)

  • could you be more specific please..

  • say, you have USA and UK, you can make the Phase 2 Local Network setting

  • tried that with no luck. any more ideas?? cheers

  • Hi

    On the mobile clients set up, you would need to add a phase two for the US subnet

    And then on the config for the US office from the UK Server, you would need to either broaden the mask if they subnets are similar, or add a seperate phase two for the range you assign to the mobile clients as the local network, and the US ip as the remote network.

    If you can give more info about what ip ranges are specified where, I can give you a more detailed setup.


  • Ben, US network -
    UK network -
    have tried setting network address to for phase 2 which didnot work.

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