Set a specific IP address to a specific WAN

  • Hi everyone!

    As my profile said, I'm newbie even on pfSense  ;D
    I'd like to set an IP to go out to a specific WAN. I have two links and some IP addresses will go out to a dedicated link.

    I can imagine that's easy to do, but I had some trouble to configure the firewall and I can't mess it up.

    Thanks, sorry the English.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's quite easy. It's referred to as policy based routing.

    Make a firewall rule on the LAN interface where the specific IP resides.
    Set the rule to, source: The IP you want to route and then set the gateway to whichever WAN you want to use.

    See attached example from my box. Here I route all traffic from clients in my Wifi2 subnet with destination 'somewhere on the internet' via WAN2.


  • Hi, thanks for replying.

    So, it didn't work. And I just access the internet if one of my gateway is set to default gateway.

  • show us some screenshots of them firewall rules

  • Under Firewall -> Rules -> LAN tab:

    The default rules should look like:

    Next to your default allow rule:

    • click on the "+" sigh that says "add new rule based on this one"

    • change source type from "LAN subnet" to "Single host or alias" then enter the host IP in the address bar

    • in the "Advanced features" section, next to "Gateway", click on the "Advanced" button , select a WAN link, then click save

    • move the new rule above the default allow rule

    • click "Apply changes"

    and you will end up like this:

    In this example, will go out WAN2 while everything else goes out the default gateway.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Looks like I failed to mention that the policy based rule must go above the default rule in order to catch packets first.


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