DHCP reservation, NOT static arp mapping. MAC traffic shaping?

  • Hello to everyone!

    I've a question about Traffic shaping (2.0.1):

    I've made a reservetion on my dhcp server, and for the client that match ip address reserved, i've created a limit rule for DL e UL.

    Problem is: if client changes his ip address manually, it can bypass limit rule!!

    I've tried to put a static arp at system level:

    #arp -s y.y.y.y xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

    but, even though the static arp, system/pfsense ignore it and make new one dynamic arp with new client ip address and the same mac…

    There is a method to bypass this issue?

    Forgive me for my english!!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The network card also needs to be pushed into static arp mode,

    ifconfig (interface name) staticarp

    pfSense can setup static ARP in the GUI in the DHCP settings, but I believe that requires you use the DHCP server on pfSense… if another box is your DHCP server, I don't know that it would work from the GUI.

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