Cannot install any package on pfsense.

  • Hi

    I install pfsense 1.2-BETA-1 and running ok. But problem when install any package from the package list. When try to install squid error

    Installation of squid completed.

    Saving updated package information… overwrite!
    The squid package is not installed.

    Installation aborted.Writing configuration... done.
    Starting service.

    Installation completed.  Please check to make sure that the package is configured from the respective menu then start the package.

  • May be another squid port already installed
    from command prompt type 'pkg_info' command - you see installed port's if squid present
    need deinstall him with command
    pkg_delete squid_full_numberXX

  • I run pkg_info at the command prompt here is what I get..

    $ pkg_info
    bsdinstaller-2.0.2007.0302 BSD Installer mega-package
    cpdup-1.05          A comprehensive filesystem mirroring program
    lua-5.0.2_1        Small, compilable scripting language providing easy access
    pcre-6.6_1          Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library

    I try to install other package also cannot… I noticed on the System Package: Package Manager there is an alert Unable to retrieve package info from Cached data will be used.

  • Check DNS resolution from the firewall itself.