systat -ifstat reports double up

  • I have a 3 interface firewall running 2.1-BETA0 (amd64)  built on Sun Sep 2 20:13:58 EDT 2012

    ix1 - LAN 10G
    igb0 - WAN 1G
    ix2 - DMZ 10G

    systat -ifstat
    with some test traffick  
    LAN <->  DMZ
    WAN <-> DMZ
    syststat reports the double traffic for each interface.

    ix2  in    162.280 MB/s        195.464 MB/s           12.752 TB
                    out   212.717 MB/s        230.160 MB/s           16.718 TB

    ix1  in    116.436 MB/s        116.638 MB/s            7.238 TB
                    out    45.712 MB/s         82.588 MB/s            3.713 TB

    igb0  in     96.046 MB/s        113.383 MB/s            8.248 TB
                    out   174.124 MB/s        177.148 MB/s           12.529 TB

    note that igb0 is a 1Gb interface and therefore theoretically cannot exceed 125 MB/s

    Checking the linux boxes generating the traffic and the HP switch reveals that the values reported by
    systat -ifstat  are more or less double of the actual traffic.

    Cheers / Thor

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