• Hello i have ipsec vpn between two static sites.
    I have data and voip sessions through this VPN.
    Can I do traffic shaping inside the VPN tunnel?
    If not,how can i carry voip packages through IPSEC VPN with low delay  and best quality?

    Best regards.

  • Hi everyone

    I have a similar question: our mpls provider does qos on the links between our offices and they reserve some bandwitdh for voip. since we are running ipsec between the offices, the provider does not see our qos information on the original voip packets. is there a way to "copy the qos information to the encapsulating packet"?


  • Shaping on IPSEC currently is not available.  It needs to be added to FreeBSD and people are working on it but no ETA.

  • My question is not about shaping ipsec traffic.. but i think i found the answer:

    The original TOS field is copied to the encapsulating IP header, so the qos information still
    remains on the encrypted packet and can be routed/queued/prioritized accordingly.