• Hello,

    I'd like to emulate a bad WAN connection over some bridged nics to test a client/server app I'm building.  Looking to test packet-loss, jitter, latency, and bandwidth limits.

    I found a couple of Linux based bootable iso's that can do this, but I'm wondering if pfSense can do the same.

    Assuming that pfSense can handle it with out much fuss, this might be a good excuse to get familiar with the system.  Been meaning to try pfSense for a while.

    Can it be done?

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Firewall > Traffic Shaper, Limiters tab.

    Check the advanced options.

    Direct the traffic for that app/server into a pair of limiters (one for upload, one for download) and you can tinker with all sorts of bandwidth/loss/delay there.

  • Ahh. I see it.  Thank you.

    How can I set this up to work as an Ethernet bridge?


    1. 2 nics that are bridged.
    2. No DHCP, etc. services being offered to either port, obviously.
    3. Access to the web interface from machines on either side of bridge. Management IP from existing DHCP server.
    4. Traffic being limited/shaped as it traverses the bridge.

    I see bandwidth, delay, and loss.  Excellent. :)  However, just wondering, does the shaper also support: jitter, duplication, reordering, and corruption?

    Thank you

  • Netgate Administrator

    Limiters in pfSense use dummynet, so presumably can support anything it can. Though not all of it via the gui I suspect.