Accessing wan router when that wan is down (but other is up)

  • I have a multi-wan/single-lan setup:

    • wan1: public ip, connected to ppoa router (also public ip) on dsl line 1
    • wan2:, connected to router/modem on dsl line 2
    • lan: 192.168.10/24

    wan1 and wan2 are in a loadbancing pool. gateways are monitoring remote ips

    when a dsl is down, I still want to able to connect to machines (eg the modem) on the other side of the firewall from the lan, but I cannot get it to work. Tried searching the forum an documentation, but could not find any answers.

    How can I configure:

    • allways allow/route traffic to 'local' destinations via wanX, even while the dsl line behind it is down, eg always needs to be reachable from 192.168.10/24
    • only route other outbound via wanX when the corresponding dsl line is up (part of loadbalacing gateway pool)

  • Create a firewall rule on your LAN tab above the rule containing the loadbalancer as gateway.

    Set in this new rule as destination the subnet of whatever the subnet is on your WAN.
    I guess if you want to access the modem on your WAN2, then you'd take WAN2-subnet or

    This rule above the balancer ensures, that traffic to the locally attached subnets doesn't go over the balancing pool.

  • Thanks.
    Part of my troubles were also caused by a NIC port that failed.

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