Port forward to webserver

  • Hi

    I'm having trouble getting the following to work and would appreciate some help.

    adsl modem–>pfsense embed alix 109...*WAN
                                                                      --->LAN>WEBSERVER listen port 80
                                                                      --->OPT1 (WIRELESSAP)
    pfsense v2.0.1

    NAT rule auto generated

    WAN TCP * * WAN address 80 (HTTP) 80 (HTTP)

    Before I introduced pfsense all working fine through adsl modem router, I have dumbed router to modem only mode and i connect via pppoe fine, external ip being issued to WAN 109...*

    I use dyndns as public ip is dynamic, this is working fine as before I changed port for the web gui the dyndns address took me to the login page for pfsense.
    I can ping & tracert all works ok, dyndns reports my wan ip.
    There is no firewall on the webserver.
    wireshark reports com. admin. filtered?

    Happy to look stupid if I have missed something obvious.

    Many thanks in advance

  • set your web gui not to WebGUI redirect in the advanced options and then use a non standard port like 8080.
    Reboot, and try again.

  • HI
    Thanks for your response. I have set the web gui not to redirect and to use port 8080 as sugested. Rebboted

    Should I be able to access the webserver from within the LAN using the dyndns address or is there another setting to allow this to happen? At present it still doesn't work.

    Slightly baffled!


  • OK

    Feeling quite stupid! I have enabled NAT reflection and all seems to work, perhaps it always did for traffic arriving on the WAN!!

    Thanks for your help,


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