Help with Multiple SSIDs using VLANs

  • Just wondering if anyone can give me a step by step guide as to how to setup multiple SSIDs under ddwrt with a pfsense backend.
    Basically what I want to happen is have two ssids (SSID1 and SSID2, for example), and have them both coming out of two ddwrt routers (both wrt54g v6, which is known to be fully vlan capable, and the two routers are connected by a really long ethernet cable (that cannot change)). I would like SSID1 to be attached to the pfsense main lan interface (untagged by vlans), and SSID2 to be attached to a vlan interface on pfsense so I can have a seperate DHCP server for it, and different firewall rules for each interface (and maybe a captive portal on one of the interfaces). Basically I would like each SSID to behave as an interface in pfsense.

    Also if you would include how to add a third ssid on another vlan / vlan interface (in case I need to do so at a later time), and how to setup rules so each interface can communicate with the other.

    If it at all helps, I am running ddwrt v24 micro and pfsense 2.0nanobsd (off a usb stick in the machine), and I would like SSID1 to have a subnet of 192.168.2.* and SSID2 to have a subnet of 192.168.3.*

    The physical ports on the router should be on the PFSense LAN (non vlan tagged) interface.

    Thanks, this really would help me make the networking situation better.

  • On pfSense you need to go to Interfaces > Assign and add a VLAN interface on your LAN (with the same VLAN number as the AP is using). Then under Interface assignment you can set an IP and after that enable DHCP server for it.

  • How do I set DDWRT for the whole vlans and multi ssid thing? I have found little help on the ddwrt site, and I know that others have gotten pfsense-ddwrt connection help here in the past.


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