"virtual" routing table

  • Is there a way to make a routing table for each "lan" interface

    I have a router wiht a static route that only should be able to 1 of my 2 interface. I cant block it because its to an official address and the pc on the other interface should "take the long route around" while the pc on the main interface should go out to the subnet threw another nat pfsense firewall.

    I saw that linux has iptable2 where you could have multiple routing tables.

  • why couldn't you block it  and use policy routing to send it out the gateway and back again ?

  • Added a small pic for illustration.

    90% of the user of local subnet uses the .4 gw.
    But on som ocation i wane use .x.1 gw and use the other internet access
    But when i do that i wane the .x.4 gw for the x.x.x.x/27 subnet that nr x.4 gw is connected to.
    This is because some of the web server has ip restrictions and other stuff.

    If i add a static route on nr 1 for the x.x.x.x/27 it applies to both internals subnet on nr 1 fw. So if the costumer on the other fw tryed to access the  x.x.x.x/27 subnet they cant, bouth because of fw rules and that the .4 fw dont know where to route that subnet.
    And i dont want the costumer subnet to have access to or go threw our local network to access the servers.

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