Weird ISP Config: MAC to Static DHCP Binding- Is There a PFSense Solution?

  • I just moved from DSL to fiber internet.  I have some static IP addresses from my new ISP.  The problem is how my ISP gives me my static IPs.  I have to configure my public nodes for DHCP.  My ISP assigns the "static" IP, based on the node's mac address.  So I have to inform my ISP what mac addresses I want to use for my static addresses.  I'm not sure why they do it, but it's messing things up.

    I am using NAT for all of my servers.  So my firewall holds all of my servers' static addresses as virtual IPs, which are NATted to my servers (all 10.x.x.x).  The somewhat obvious problem is that my firewall only has one mac address, hence it is assigned one of those static IPs.

    The question:  How do I get all of my virtual IPs on my PFSense firewall to each pick up one of those "static" addresses, when there is only one MAC address?  Is there a way to do virtual NICs or MAC addresses on the PFSense firewall?  The simple answer is to just put those servers on the public side and allow them to pull their respective static IP addresses.  But that sort of defeats the purpose of NAT and Firewalling.  I know that I can run a firewall on each box (like PF), but I'd rather have one physical firewall to rule them all.

    This may not make a lot of sense, but if I need to clear something up, I'll be happy to.

  • I'm interested in this too, I got two IP address, but the only way I can grab them is to use DHCP to grab them, so it would be great if there was a solution to this, at the moment I'm thinking of having two "Wan" port on the machine one to grab the first IP, then second one to grab the second IP, then do NAT on it.