Load Balance multiple HTTPS sites?

  • Hi -
    I'm trying to set up a cluster to move from a single server with public ip addresses to a Load Balanced NAT'd cluster.  On the single server are hosted 4 different HTTPS sites, each with a different public ip address.

    On each of the new NAT'd servers, I've set up 4 different LAN ip addresses, one for each of the secure sites, intending to create a Load Balanced pool for each secure site / public ip address.

    I tested them with "wget https://192.168.0.X –no-check-certificate" from another computer on the LAN and they return the correct site's home page.

    However in pfSense's Load Balance status page, only the first pool shows good status.  the other 3 pools show red even though I can access the individual ip addresses / port 443 on the LAN.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong; Should this work, do I need to use different ports?

  • OK i figured out the reason the load balancer status for the extra pools was red was simply that they were not assigned to a virtual ip address yet.
    Once I assigned new virtual ip addresses to point to the secure pools everything turned green  :)

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