Web gui not working after update

  • i upgraded to the latest version beta0 and my webgui stopped working. i can't connect via ssh and serial connection isn't working. when i connect to serial at 9600 it shows the output of the firewall being loaded, it shows firewall boot successfully. i can't type anything i don't know why when i try reconnecting it doesn't allow me. My hardware is Firebox X R6264S 2gb fc

    Please help

  • Netgate Administrator

    What did you upgrade from? How did you upgarde?

    The Firebox X (X500, X700 etc) has an issue with the serial console not showing the menu after boot. This has been a problem since around 2.0 Beta5 though. It can easily be worked around by setting the serial port speed to something other than 9600. In 2.1 there is an option to do this in the webgui, however you can't access that!  ::)


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