Weird log entry

  • Any idea what this log entry means:

    dhcpd: parse_option_buffer: option www-server (121) larger than buffer.

  • some malformed, weird dhcp packets coming in with custom options set?
    Is there a dhcp lease just before or after, so you can see what device is sending the dhcp packet?

  • There are these entries before the log entry mentioned:

    Sep 10 10:42:39 dhclient[60048]: bound to 9x.8x.1xx.2xx – renewal in 14400 seconds.
    Sep 10 10:42:39 dhclient[60048]: DHCPACK from 6x.1xx.3x.2xx
    Sep 10 10:42:39 dhclient[60048]: SENDING DIRECT
    Sep 10 10:42:39 dhclient[60048]: DHCPREQUEST on em0 to 6x.1xx.3x.2xx port 67

    I replaced some of the numbers with x's.  The 9x.8x.1xx.2xx is my WAN IP address.  I think the second address is my ISP.  I am using and for DNS.

    I also see something like this every once in a while (IP is not always the same):  kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on local network

    Looking right before the first problem entry after a re-boot is the following entries:

    root: IP-Blocklist was found not running
    root: Countryblock was found not running

    I think this is the process where it makes sure those packages are running.

  • Your ISP is handing some options to you in the DHCP lease it seems, nothing to be worried about, usually stuff for their own equipment.

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