Reverse proxying (Squid) 80 request to 443 internal web server?

  • I have webserver with SSL certificate installed, I have installed the certificate and the key in pfsense and i wanna configure squid to direct requests on port 80 to my webserver to port 443.

    Is there any guide on how to do this  ?


  • Anyone there? no body ever did this ?

  • @moh10ly:

    Anyone there? no body ever did this ?

    Did you tried squid3? it has squid-reverse menu for site publishing

  • Yes I did, but is there any insutructions on how to do it like step by step one? I have tried to but it's a bit not clear.

    Could you please show me how do I proxy a webserver that has port 443 open .. so when external requests through port 80 are being forwarded the reverse proxy will send these requests to local webserver on port 443 instead of 80

    Thanks a lot

  • anyone out there?

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