• Hello,
    my PFsense box has port 80 forward rule to "X" web server on the LAN. Everything works great.
    My aim to forward requests for to new web server "Y" (I only have one public ip).
    So I installed package Mod_Security+Apache+Proxy .

    My problem is that then I go to Services > apache_mod_security - Start service I get announcement
    "apache_mod_security has been started." But icon is left as "no running".

    Do I need to remove port 80 forward from PFsense to my web server "X" and enter each website hostnames as redirections by headers in mod_security to get it up and running? I thought  that if I have port redirection and mod_security each my request will be redirected by filtering by mod_security. If a website name is not in mod_security table it will be redirected "X" web server. And only if request goes to it will redirect to server "Y" Am I right?


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