• I am looking to virtualize my PFsense install.

    I have 2 NICs in the Server one for the WAN and one for the LAN.  Each Nic is attached to a virtual switch, and the PFsense interfaces attached to the corresponding vSwitch.

    When I try to connect the pppoe doesn't communicate with the DSL Modem.

    Any suggestions?

  • not sure why it wouldn't. do you have vlans in place or anything like that?
    i have my pfsense 2.1_x64 on esxi 5 and it runs flawlessly. my setup is slightly different in that my vdsl modem is physically connected to my switch and is vlan'd from there which frees up a nic on the esxi server as it doesn't have a dedicated wan. the virtual switch on esxi (which the nic is allocated to) is set to allow all vlans and the vlan's are set up in pfsense (rather than pfsense just have wan, lan and the vlans set on the virtual switch)
    pppoe is set in pfsense so it definitely works a all i've done in effect with the above is change where the physical connection for the modem resides