After building pfsense

  • Heyy friends,

    I have compiled pfsense successfully on FreeBSD 8.3-Release using these instructions,

    I've chosen RELENG_2_1 FreeBSD 8.3 + RELENG_2_1 option on>pfsense version selection

    but,at last option after executing ./ ,it says it executed successfully.(it didn't interrupt due to errors)
    and from that link it says i should have ISO image under /usr/obj.pfsense but i have two directories under /usr/obj.pfsense
    home and usr and no iso image.So, where is iso image ?or it didn't build?(there are some errors during buildings but it compiled succesfully.)

    Thanks in advance.

  • the ISOs are in /tmp/pfSense on the new builds.

  • many many thanks….
    you are great....
    thank you very much..
    finally i've got the iso and memstick images after built.

    I've been searching since last week and i thought there might be compilation / building errors.,
    but no they are in /tmp/pfSense as you said.

    Thank you again...

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