• Is it possible to get pfsense to change over from WAN1 to WAN2 when WAN1 gets to a set limit of traffic ?

    I have two different 3G connections via routers that have plans where if you go over the data limit for the plan it costs a lot more per MB. I'd like to be able to change WAN connections when the amount of traffic has passed a set limit.

    How does the Trigger Level work in the routing groups ? Can a new Trigger be defined ?

    Currently running V2.0.1, but have a build of 2.1 from a few weeks ago that I can install.

    Any ideas ?

  • Can you setup a limit on the 3G router, to block everything once the limit is hit? Then pfSense would see this as well, if you set the monitor IP to something beyond the 3g router. Just beware that the constant pinging by default is about 10 megs a day though :D

  • Good idea, but I don't have any facility for doing that in the routers, or I can't find it anyway.
    They are TP-Link MR3420's with Sierra 320U USB Modems plugged in. It seems as though they support DD-WRT, which could possibly be made to do this, but I don't think they would then also support my USB Modems.

    I think that if I can work out how the Trigger Level in Routing Groups is created and works, I may be able to make a new Trigger Level that uses Total Traffic for an interface. Unfortunately for me I haven't the faintest idea how the Trigger Level works, so it's going to take a few days of spare moments to find out if I can even do this. Any hints or tips would be appreciated. Meanwhile, manually controlling the connections will continue to work.