Question about pfsense and Ntop

  • two questions, as subject says.

    Is it possible in Ntop GUI to sort everything with listing highest data usage first and then the lowest last?

    If so? where do I find this? :)

    Edit: And since Ntop can track what is bittorrent and what is facebook?
    Isn't there a package that can block Facebook and maybe torrents? And if not torrents, maybe block internet speed for torrent softwares?

    Thanks In Advance!


  • ntop already sorts by most data default.

    ntop only tracks "states" or connections it doesn't know what is what.

    For blocking stuff you might want to block everything outbound and only allow webb browsing through proxy, see squid/squid-guard/dans

  • I'm talking about ntop >summary > traffic.
    At "Global TCP/UDP Protocol Distribution" is where i want to list what uses most bandwidth first.

    Now FTP is listed first, but ftp haven't used more then 202.5KBytes,
    Facebook on the other hand, has used 771.4 MBytes.

    We do not want to start with proxy yet, because then we will have to configure about 250 machines to go through the proxy.
    And that we do only have time for when it's summer vacation for the students.

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