Dynamic DNS and internal servers / networks

  • Hi,

    I'm using Dyndns to be able to reach an internal server from outside our LAN. The problem is that when the device using the DynDNS hostname tries to connect to the server when being connected directly to the LAN, it looks like the packets are lost somewhere.

    Example : iphone configured to connect to our internal caldav server, address = our DynDNS hostname, port 8080.

    I created a NAT rule on the WAN interface and on the WLAN0 interface which redirects the packets to the right server.

    If the connection comes from the WAN interface (thus through the DynDNS hostname), it works, but not if I'm connected to the WLAN (probably because of a routing issue)

    If when connected to the WLAN I use the internal address of the server, it's working of course.

    Question : how do I configure pfsense to correctly route packets in my case ?



  • Reply to self (I looked in the wrong forum)


    Use split DNS override did work.

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