Error Traffic Graphs

  • Good afternoon.
    I have a DELL T300 server with network card BroadCON, after much research I saw that the card has problems regarding the speed (I really had problems with speed and stability). Searching found this link (, and did the alterção (net.isr.direct_force = 1 and = 1) but it does not know what the default value, however my internet has improved a lot but not enough. But My Traffic Graphs stopped working, this feature helps me a lot. How do I get back to having this feature?.

    My server configuration.

    DELL T300
    Xeon Dual Core 3.0 with 12mb cache
    2gb ddr2 ECC
    HD 320gb RAID 1
    2 broadcom gigabit NIC

    4gb for swap
    8gb for /
    1GB for / tmp
    80gb for / usr

    • / Var

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