Port forward problems, help me please :0)

  • I have a single application who require a incoming port range forward to multiple Lan computers.

    I'm limited by the number of the computers with the single Ip port range forward.

    I wish to forward a port range address to all my Lan  Ip address.

    Example :

    Internet –) any address ports 50100-50110 --)  Firewall open any Wan address ports 50100-50110 to /24 ports 50100-50110 --) NAT --)  forward to /24 ports 50100-50110.

    How to do that ?

    If impossible, do you plan to add this feature ?

    I know its special, but it help me greatly ;0)

    Thank for all.

  • can't be done
    thats not networking

    it can only be done if you get for every pc on youre network a ipadress from youre isp

  • Do you have another solution to propose ?

    I already have a Linux Slackware with a Iptable script. I do by my self.  It work find. It forward a range of port from the Wan to all Lan Ip on the same range port.  I know, its not the best, but i need it.

    I am not a programmer. Its take me a lot of time to modify.

    Pfsense an M0n0wall is very versatile and simple. I cant put into a 45xx or 48xx boards. I have also need 1 : 1 NAT or DMZ  for PBX.

    I whist to have one solution. Not many.

    It just missing this. :0(

    Thank for all suggestion and effort.

  • wow, talk about an ugly mess.  No, it can't do that through the GUI, and I'm not sure if pf will allow that at all.

    The only way this would work at all is with UDP protocols.  TCP can't possibly function in that type of scenario.  The host initiating the connection would get all kinds of crazy stuff back on the TCP handshake and would likely just give up (it certainly wouldn't work properly at least).

  • Usually you change portrange for every computer.

    Lets say i have 5 computers behind a NAT router i usually forward mabye 10 ports to every singel one.

    forward to ->PC1 portrange->50000-50009
    forward to ->PC2 portrange->50010-50019
    forward to ->PC3 portrange->50020-50029
    forward to ->PC4 portrange->50030-50039
    forward to ->PC5 portrange->50040-50049

    And then i configure all applications on every pc to uses that dedicated portrange.
    EX: all p2p programs listen to those portranges and icq,msn and souch.
    I  have never run inte problems by doing this, if the range is to narrow then open/forward maby 20 ports.

    But if you cant change listening range in the application in question then you get into trouble.
    Can you say what application it is? (easier to do any recomendation or find solution like special scripts and souch).