Bug/Feature Request for multi-WAN memberup/down notification

  • I have found a bug in the notification process when a Gateway goes down. When a gateway goes down, the notify_via_smtp function is called. Before sending the email, it checks notices_lastmsg.txt to see whether the message to be sent is the same as the last message sent. If it is, the email is not sent. This poses an issue. If the only notification ever attempting to be sent out is this "gateway down" message, I will only receive 1 (one) email even if the gateway goes down 50 times during the day or even 1000 times during the week.

    I understand that the notices_lastmsg.txt is checked first so that the email recipient doesn't get spammed with emails. However, I would like to propose a feature request. If the Gateway comes back up, send a notification via email and add the contents of the message to notices_lastmsg.txt. This will ensure that the notification goes out again if and when the gateway goes back down.

  • I second this motion - it would be great to have a good notification method for failed WAN connection.

    Methods I would like to see:

    audible alarm
    e-mail (multilink scenarios only)
    output to serial printer

  • Bump. A response from a pfSense Team Member would be greatly appreciated.

  • I had an issue with this again this morning. My primary Internet Connection has been up and down all morning and I only received 1 email! Is this something that can be fixed?

  • Ah, thank you, so this is why I wasn't getting my notifications.  I've setup a cron job in the meantime to clear notices_lastmsg.txt every 5 minutes.  Just a temporary solution, but working fine for me.

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