Send Squid request to a designed gateway/nic

  • HEllo guys, I tried some time ago squid and works great, but in a multiwan scenario where the default gw is not used for browser/ftp/dns request there is no way to tell squid about to send request to a different gateway than the default one.

    Any idea on this? Could be added to a wishlist for squid package?
    or perhaps if I can know source ports for squid request I can redirect the request from squid to a specific gateway.

    Any idea welcome
    many thanks

  • Create a rule on floating tab forwarding traffic to gateway x.
    on squid.conf add tcp_outgoing_address to squid custom option on gui

  • If you dont use FailOver or LoadBalance, you can just add tcp_outgoing_address WAN2_IP on squid custom options.

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