Static route through secondary WAN and problems with RDP

  • Hey guys,

    I've got a pfsense running the default WAN from an external IP address working just fine, and a secondary WAN running from a internal IP address from another firewall (watchguard) that has a different internet connection. Because we have several site tunnels running on the watchguard firewall, I've set up static routes on pfsense for those networks for example to go though the second WAN of pfsense that is routed through the watchguard firewall. It works fine, no ping loss but RDP connections tend to stall every 5-8 minutes, meanwhile the pings are running just fine and then after a while RDP resumes, or I need to manually reconnect.

    If I set up a pfsense without firewall and using the watchguard as its default gateway, eveyrthing works fine, no drops on RDP connections.

    Do you guys have any suggestion of what I can do please?


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