Rewrite url from Wan to internal on 2.X

  • Sorry if I failed to find en earlier thread about this but I could only find threads about 1.X versions and URL Rewrite

    My scenario is that we got a single Wan IP (can't get more unless willing to pay about USD 200 000).
    On this single IP we have to publish two servers. Both using SSL. (one Linux and one Windows)
    With the Current ISA server it's rather simple since it looks on the URL and forwards the request to the right server

    Since the ISA is getting wery old we would like to replace it with an open source alternative but can Pfsense handle the URL rewrite?


    or possibly squid3 also has reverse features

    i've tried neither of these options as i don't have public services behind my pfsense devices.

  • Thank you.

    Looks like I have a little research project this Weekend :)

  • I use Squid 3 for everything! webservers and internet caching and webfiltering  and i love it. Deffo one to go for. You get stuck post back, ill try and help you.

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