How to insert users into Captive portal via another GUI ?

  • Hopefully someone on here knows if what i want to do is possible.

    Can i create a web gui, that is just a form to insert users into the Captive PortL Mac passthrough?  What i mean is, i want to have a gui on the PC in my office so someone working there can insert a new user (MAC, NAME and UP/DOWN Limits) without them actually getting access via GUI to pfsense?

    I would expect that this is possible as its just a webgui.. but would like to now from you guys how i might go about doing this?  I currently give an office worked access to only the MAC passthrough page on pfsense GUI, but i would like to do this via a GUI that i can create, because once the user has added someone on the list, i dont want them to be able to go back and delete them or change their limits.  hope this makes sense?

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