Transparent bridge reboot with no access to pfSense afterwards

  • This is an odd problem and I'm not sure it is an issue with pfSense.  We have a NetEqualizer that sits directly between our network core, Cisco 6509, and our pfSense firewall.  NetEq acts as a transparent bridge.  When I do have to reboot the NetEq box, usually simply due to a firmware upgrade, I then can no longer access pfSense until I reboot pfSense as well.  I have gateway monitoring turned off on pfSense.

    Before implementing pfSense 2.0.1 this summer we used Sonicwall and before that a Cisco Pix.  We didn't have this issue with either of them when rebooting the NetEq box.  I haven't had time to investigate it as when it happens my down time window isn't long enough to allow it.

    Has anyone seen this before or know what the issue may be?


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