NAT rules applyed but not working only after a reboot

  • Hi!

    I have a simple but nasty problem.

    When i add a new NAT rules or i modify any exsisting rule, the modification will be applyed, so i see the new settings in the webUI but actually not really work.
    After i reboot the box the new/modifyed rules will be work but without a reboot its not.

    How can i reload the NAT rules to make it work without a reboot?
    Why i need a reboot for activating this rules anyway?

    I dont see any strange thing in the logs just that the packed is dropped.

  • First guess, you need to kill states for the type of change you're making. Rule and NAT changes (with all firewalls) do not apply to existing active connections.

  • its not helping. tryed to kill all active states then apply nat rules but i have the same problem.

    the truth is my box is not a fresh install, first i have the 2.0 version, then i started to upgrade to 2.1 beta versions, but then i rollback to the 2.0.1 stable. probably this is what cause this issue. i dont know

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