• I wanted to install pfsense on a backup machine, (older 200mhz with 1.2gb drive primry master and CD as secondary maaster).
    On my main firewall , I have upgrded systematically from ver 0.62.3. to 1.0.1beta, and everything running fine.
    On the backup machine I went straight to a 1.0.1beta install to the hard drive. After following all the prompts and rebooting , the hard drive refused to boot,(read error). I then tried the old version (0.62.3) Installed to the hard drive rebooted and voila, pfsense booted up as expected. I then did a firmware upgrde to 1.0.1beta.
    So why does the older installer work better than the newer CD version?


  • Please try this: http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=BootTroubleShooting
    The newer versions have a completely different installer.