Two WAN SUBNET on same ISP

  • I already have a wan and public addresses assigned by ISP 151.9.xx/28, my network navigate through PFSense  and provides internal services on the internet (web, mail, etc..), now has my ISP given me other addresses 151.8.xx/28, these have been configured on the same router that currently manages the addresses above, how can I manage all these addresses with a single PFSense (the one currently running)?

    PfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE
    Interface LAN, WAN, DMZ, OPENVPN

  • Most likely with either a proxyarp VIP (try that first) if they are routing that to one of your other external ips or a vlan. Did you get a new gateway or something?

  • I'd have them route it to me instead if I were you, don't need to waste the gateway, network and broadcast addresses. As is, any type of virtual IP other than type "Other" will work.

  • Sorry for the information not provided, here they are:

    Network1 (already up)
    CID 151.9.x.80/28
    BROADCAST 151.9.x.95

    Network2 (to be set)
    CID 152.8.x.16/28
    BROADCAST 152.8.X.32
    Gateway 152.8.x.18

  • Rather than having a gateway on network2, have them route 152.8.x.16/28 to 151.9.x.82 (or some other IP in that subnet). Then you can add type Other VIPs to use them, or assign the second subnet to an internal interface, or a mix.

  • Thanks for reply.

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