Outdoor Acess point recommandation for captive portal

  • Dear all,

    I would like to use Pfsense mainly for the Captive portal interface.
    My project is to install an outdoor Acess point that would cover 1 or 2 hectares. I would like to set an outdoor antenna on the top of the reception roof of a camping where the pfsense server would be installed.

    I am looking for outdoor wifi access point feedback and recommandation.

    Kind regards,
    Thanks is advance for your return,

  • I do not have any experience with these vendors but I read about them when people are talking about outdoor wireless equipment:

  • How many active users/devices?
    Prevailing weather conditions? (temperature range)
    What type of wifi clients (2.4GHz or also 5GHz)?
    Noisy environment or in the middle of nowhere?

    Nearly all major manufacturers offer outdoor APs, but feature-sets can be quite different from one another…

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