Re-installing a broken package?

  • Background: I rebooted my pfSense 1.2 (1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-05-27-2007) box today while trying to get ACPI working.  As a result a few packages were (I assume) upgraded, including Dashboard.  Dashboard went through the "install, deinstall, install" cycle a few times (3 I think).

    After this, I now have a system that things that Dashboard is installed, but it isn't.  I can't de-install it, because it's not installed.  I can't install it, because the system thinks it's installed so doesn't list it under "Available packages".  Catch-22 :(

    On a side note, it's annoying to have packages upgraded during a reboot (if nothing else it turns a 60s reboot into a multi-minute one).  Is there any way to stop this from happening and instead have pfSense provide me with a list of outdated packages?

  • Ah, the answer was to modify the path called by one of the other packages install button to:

    http: //pfsense.local/pkg_mgr_install.php?id=Dashboard

    And bingo, it re-installs and works.

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