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  • Hello!,

    I'm looking for instructions or routing from a 'far-far' side. Right now I have a VPN between my network and their network. At their site a T1 links to their branch office (calling this far-far). I'm trying to get traffic from 192.168.22.x to 10.0.55.x

    my site = siteA, has a Cisco RV042 VPN router
    far site= siteB, has a pfSense 2.01 router connected through VPN to siteA
    siteB also has a Cisco 1760 router w/T1 interface ( that talks to siteC  eth0= and T1 eth1=
    far-far site= siteC, is a remote branch site, all traffic goes out through a Cisco 1760 to siteb  eth0= and T1 eth1=

    The traffic to and from siteC and siteB works fine.
    The VPN traffic to and from siteA and siteB works fine.
    Is this a NAT issue?
    Do I need a firewall rule at the pfSense router that allows the 192.168.22.x to 10.0.75.x? I have one for the 192.168.33.x to 10.0.55.x

  • Netgate Administrator

    You probably need to add routes at sites A and C so that they know how to get to each other: via site B.
    Unless your are pushing routing information or running some routing protocol it's probably easiest to just add them as static routes.


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