Here are some minor issues noticed on 2.1

  • Hi Guys…

    Here are some minor issues I've noticed thus far..

    1. Status:System Logs
    --- The spacing between date time group and log entries in the various tabs are inconsistent. The vertical line separation between date time group and log data is perfect
    --- under the General tab selection and widely spaced on other tab selections.

    Suggestion: Make spacing between date time group and log entries consistent throughout the various tab options available for selection.

    2. Drop Down Menu's
    –- Drop down menu's are slightly transparent and when you mouse over the various options in the drop down menu's, they are indented and highlighted in gray.
    --- The gray highlight is also transparent and also highlights the content on the page behind the drop down menu and in some cases, obscures the highlighted selection.

    Suggestion: Turn off transparency of gray highlight selection when mouse over options.

    3. Setting IP Address via Console
    –- When setting the WAN IP address via console the option for setting Webconfigurator as default is given. When the option of 'no' is selected for using the Webconfigurator
    --- via WAN IP Address, the webconfigurator is still available behind Private IP Addresses.
    --- After setting IP addresses via console and logging in thru webconfigurator, you are presented with the wizard. There is no drop-down option to select the Gateway entered
    --- via the console. If you enter the Gateway IP Address via the wizard again, you end up with two gateway options in RRD graphs.

    Suggestion: Webconfigurator should not be presented when entering WAN IP Address via console menu. When logging in via webconfigurator and the wizard is presented…for the gateway option, either a drop-down menu should be available with the information entered via the console, or when entering the gateway ip address, a pop-up warning be presented..."Gateway with this IP Address already exists, 'continue' to replace, or 'no' to keep existing".

    These are all minor cosmetics, but it's the small things that keeps the other guy up at night scratching his head.

    Thanks, Jits.

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