Save config as held in memory?

  • The hard drive in the pfSense box "went away" (power-dead), but Internet access is still happening. So, I am thinking the configuration (firewall rules, router rules, etc) is in memory.

    From the console menu, I try '98' to copy the config to a floppy, but that's a no go.

    Is there a procedure to dump the config to a floppy as it is held in memory?

    (In the meantime I will go look for the floppy or USB stick or other computer where I may have already backed it up.)

  • The full config isn't held in memory, nor any parts of the actual config.xml that are usable. Your firewall rules should be accessible in /tmp/rules.debug maybe, may have to run "pfctl -vvsr" to get the list. That's the list in PF syntax though, it'd just be a reference you could use to recreate from scratch once you're on a fixed hard drive. Other services have config files in a variety of places but mostly on disk, the configs they're running with now that the disk is gone aren't extractable. Unfortunately you're probably stuck with the exception of the firewall rules.

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