• I'm wanting to install pfsense in an environment that has the following:
    NxT1 primary WAN
    5 meg WWAN connection as backup WAN
    1 LAN
    1 DS3 private connection to datacenter.
    I'm wanting to load balance between my 2 WAN's and send certain traffic over my DS3 private connection to my datacenter.
    I'm also wanting PPTP with microsoft radius server and in the future possibly setup CARP to do high availability.
    Everything seems possible just don't know how to route with pfsense certain traffic, my datacenter has 3 different subnets that I'd need sent over the DS3 line.


  • Yes with one potential exception. What is the DS3 going to be coming in on? Most providers will expect you to terminate that on a router I think. Generally with a DS3 they'll give you two coax cables that you'll need to hook into a router. pfsense doesn't support any cards that would do that part. What you'll probably need is a router on the DS3 with an Ethernet port on the router going to a dedicated interface on pfsense. With that, what you describe will work fine.

  • My DS3 is terminated to a smart jack that has an Ethernet connection.  So I can directly plug it into my pfsense firewall.
    I'm assuming pfsense can do all the routing for me?

  • Yeah all the routing will be fine, except you'll have to manually fail over to the backup VPN.