Kernel: acpi_tz0: _TMP value is absurd, ignored (-247.7C)

  • I have just tested the 2.1 beta for the first time, and it looks awsome.

    However, the cpu temperature is not measured, and the logs are filled with the following every 10 second:
    "kernel: acpi_tz0: _TMP value is absurd, ignored (-247.7C)"

    "Thermal Sensors" is set to "None/ACPI".

    HW used is VIA mini-itx MB & CPU (VIA Nehemiah).


  • BIOS bug. The VIA Nehemiah systems I'm familiar with all had a BIOS update a few years back that fixes that.

  • Excellent. Didn't think of that. I have never updated the BIOS on this MB, so that may absolutely be the case. I'll check for updates.


  • Hmm, I have the latest Bios version. No updates available.

    I wish that the option "None/ACPI", had been splitted into "None" and "ACPI". Then I could have selected "None" and the issue would be solved.
    Or, that pfSense had printed ONCE into the log that the temp. values from ACPI cannot be trusted and will no longer be logged.

    Anyway, this is just a test computer I have in the lab, so no worries.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    None is the same as ACPI. There is no distinction. It isn't a conscious decision to do ACPI in that case, if the ACPI module is loaded by the OS, it will try to read the temperature.

    You could disable ACPI (check the doc wiki) but that could have other side effects.

  • Disabling Acpi stopped the clobbering of the log.
    I can live with the side effects.


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