Captive portal user accounts

  • Hello Geeks,

    I am new to pfsense and i have a simple question. Are captive portal users able to login and check their account details and data usage?


  • Data usage: No!
    Account details: Not sure if they can access the pfsense GUI with their username/password

  • And how can i achieve those stuffs?
    any suggestion plz?

  • @therobust:

    And how can i achieve those stuffs?
    any suggestion plz?

    What do you want to realize? Explain more in detail what you want to do then we can probably help much better what you need or if it is possible. :)

  • i want to implement a captive portal gateway which will be able to define bandwidth throttling for all users and also time lease period to be used per day per user.
    Thus users should be able to login to check their lease time used and should be able to maintain their account (pasword change etc.).


  • If you use the freeradius2 package the you are able to set bandwidth limit for every single user.
    And you are able to set a time limit per user per day.
    What you cannot do (with basic configuration) is to allow the user to change the password or to let the user view its time used for this day.
    If you want to show the user their limits and so on you can try to connect freeradius to a mysql database and then code your own html/php webpage which shows the users their limits and allow them to change their password.

    If you use the pfsense "User Manager" then - as far as I know - you can allow the user to go to the pfsense GUI but the user is then only able to change its password. You should test this before.
    Bandwidth limit cannot be set individually per user. You can only set a bandwidth limit on CP but this will affect all users and not only one.
    Time based limits per day are not possible.

    PS: The voucher could be a kind of "time limit" but if a user has got a 2h voucher and starts its voucher an 1pm then this voucher expires at 3pm. So it is not possible for the user to stop the time and use the rest of the time later on the day. This can be done with freeradius2 package.

    PPS: Another possibility for make some more things visible on freeradius and the users could be:

  • Ouh… thatz hell of a task :)
    anyways thx fr ur suggestions :)