Upgraded PFsense Regular to Nano.. want to remove references to ntop

  • I recently installed nano and restored a backup from a non nano install. I have ntop menu items/etc, but ntop is no longer installed (or is broken and no longer supported). Is there an easy SAFE and clean way to remove/fix this?


    Running V2.0.1-RELEASE (Nano)

  • save config, load up the config file in, say, Notepad++ and rip out the ntop package section, reload config with that bit ripped out.

    This is what I do when I migrate a config to another box (changing IP addresses and such)

    How safe this is would depend on how comfortable you are with editing xml manually, and if you can reboot the box.

    Otherwise you might need to do it via ssh on the live box, with viconfig:

  • Thanks! I'm hesitant to modify the XML config as there are references to ntop all over the place in the file and I don't want to miss any (or break something else that is expecting to find it). I guess good old "vi" and the command line will work and I can give it my best shot. I was hoping for a cleaner way to do so.

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