Errors on Interface and a few other pfsense issues

  • Have issues with one of the Wan Interface getting a lot of errors IN

    tatus up
    MAC address 00:15:17🇩🇪12:be - Intel Corporate
    IP address  
    Subnet mask
    Gateway GW
    ISP DNS servers
    Media 100baseTX <full-duplex>In/out packets 41026788/37585630 (42.80 GB/4.47 GB)
    In/out packets (pass) 37555885/38852292 (42.60 GB/4.47 GB)
    In/out packets (block) 3470903/29745 (207.16 MB/1.57 MB)
    In/out errors 892277/0
    Collisions 0

    Collisions was solved when I selected 100baseTX <full-duplex>the other WAN connection don't have errors.

    I would also like to ask for recommendation to improve performance since it is used for a dorm expecting 800 to 1000 users.

    I already set Firewall Optimization Options to high-latency since before there was long time to ping the router not sure if I need to adjust it more.

    I setup also Captive Portal, Radius, and squid.

    Please give me other suggesting to improve the service and performance of the router.

    If you any clarification just ask. Thanks.</full-duplex></full-duplex>

  • @coolguy:

    Have issues with one of the Wan Interface getting a lot of errors IN

    Does the system (modem? router?) on the other end of that link report errors? You might have signal quality issues such as poor cable, cable not completely plugged in, incompatible speed/duplex, flow control mismatch etc

  • Thanks wallabybob for your reply.

    Yes it is connected to the modem leased line.

    Before there were no errors in but only collisions.

    When I change to 100baseTX <full-duplex>There where no more collisions but errors in.

    Is there logs of the errors in.

    Cable looks ok since when I change the cable it was the same result. Any other suggestions what would be its effect.


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