IPSEC to Cisco VPN as backup

  • I'm setting up pfsense to do load balancing across 2 internet providers and I also have a DS3 private line to my datacenter.  If my DS3 goes down is there a way I can initiate a IPSEC VPN tunnel to my datacenter that has a pix/vpn firewall and re-establish my connections and if yes can it be automated as a fail back.


  • Yes, you can establish a VPN to a PIX. The tunnel itself will either have to always be on or always be off. Whether or not you can just leave it up all the time and use other internal routing devices to fail over depends on what those other routing devices are, how they're configured, and what the default gateway on your internal networks is.

  • We're new to pfsense, and just starting to test. What you're describing is possible. You would setup different weights for routes, and Cisco has a tracking feature that would ping an IP address. When the preferred route fails, you would alter the route weight and move the packets over the backup connection.