Setup server to use specific IP (outbound)

  • I have a /29 block and would like to assign multiple servers to go out on the same IP, but not the gateway IP

    Heck, I can even seem to figure out how to do it with a single server on one IP.

    Any idea on how to do this without a 1:1 nat (that I have not be able to get to work outgoing)


  • any suggestions?

  • Big Thanks to MIQ in the IRC channel!!

    here is how to do it for any future searches:

    Pf sense >firewall>virtual IPs
    add a new rule:
    type ip alias,
    wan interface
    type network
    (IP address/subnet mask)
    save and apply

    Pf Sense >firewall>nat
    outbound tab, save in manual mode then add a new rule:
    leave do not nat unchecked.
    interface wan
    select protocols
    source (your internal server)
    destination any
    translation choose your alias
    save and apply.

    move rule up or down in the outbound mappings.

    If all goes well then that box should go out on the IP specified in your alias

    good luck

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