Full System w/ IDE to CF installation?

  • Hi,

    I picked up a full system, better specs than I would need for any install type, but got a good deal. It has a hard drive as well as an IDE –> Compact Flash adapter with a 512MB CF card.  My original idea was to take advantage of the solid state CF card and install pfSense to that using the embedded install image, however after doing some reading it almost sounds like the embedded/wrap image is tied to the wrap/soekris type boards, and not the full on new intel motherboards.  Is this correct? Or will it work on the more advanced motherboards as well?

    Also, after reading about the limitations I'm torn as to whether to do a full install and get keyboard/video support, which isn't really necessary since I will be SSH'ing in after it's been installed, and the package and upgrade support, which would be appreciated, or the installing onto the CF card and limiting myself. I'm starting to think that since I have the hardware to support the more advanced packages I might be better off just sticking to a normal hard drive install and not limiting myself for a single feature (solid-state CF install).

    Thoughts and Opinions?

  • Embedded will work on any supported hardware, but requires a serial console, and doesn't support packages. If you have the hardware to handle a full install, I suggest going with the hard drive install.

  • unsupported method is to install the normal version to the CF and then change /etc/platform from 'pfSense' to 'embedded'.

    That will save your CF from repeated writes and also give you video.

    Don't install packages!

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