PFsense Crashing Unexpectedly

  • Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

    PFsense will suddenly drop the WAN connection, and although the LAN connection can still respond to Pings, when trying to connect via SSH or Webgui it allows the login but then it only shows a few lines in SSH (the NIC info, but not the menu) and is hit or miss on web browser, so links work on and off.

    After restarting it works fine.

    Once it crashes the logs are filled with '@' signs, so it just reads @@@@@, etc. if you look past the date/time of the reboot.

    For now I put a cron job that pings out and if it fails then reboots the system, and it comes back to normal, but this is causing other issues.

    The Mobo is a SuperMicro: Super X7SLM-L
    CPU= Intel Celeron Processor E3400
    HD: Kingston SSD Now 50 -16 GB
    RAM is either a Kingston KVR800D2N6 (1GB) or Crucial Ballistix CL1118S.HH

    Any ideas how can I find out what's crashing the system? Or have you guys experienced any glitches with this hardware?

    Thanks again!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have seen dozens of those Kingston SSDs fail in the wild for customers (Thankfully I haven't used any myself). Wouldn't shock me if the drive was dying.

    The @'s in the log after a reboot are normal - they aren't log files, they're clog files - binary circular logs. The logs are cleared on reboot. On 2.1 and 2.0.2 they aren't cleared anymore.

    Typically if it's a crash from a driver or OS issue it will take a crash dump and when you login to the GUI it will offer to submit the crash data to use. The kind of failure you describe sounds more like a hardware failure, but it's still kind of hard to say.